Appraisals -- Here's the scoop!

An appraiser already has a good idea of your property's value by the time they have scheduled an appointment to stop by the property thanks to professional website data including your county assessor's website so you don't have to worry so much about "cleaning things up".  A clean house will certainly make it easier for the appraiser to notice improvements, the only time you should be concerned about "clutter" is if it is damaging to the dwelling.

Key components addressed in an appraisal:

  • Site:  Location, view, lot size, topography, utilities, zoning, highest and best use, landscaping features.....
  • Design: Quality of construction, fnish work, fixed appliances and any defining features
  • Condition:  Age, deterioration, renovations, upgrades, added features
  • Health & Safety:  Structural integrity, code compliance
  • Size: Above grade and below grade improvements
  • Neighborhood:  Does the property conform to the neighborhood?
  • Functional Utility:  Is the property functional as built - style and use?
  • Parking: Carports, garages, shops, etc.

Appraisers for a mortgage transaction are chosen at random from a pool of qualified appraisers. There is no opportunity for selection from the property owner, the realtor or the lender.

Please call us with any questions you have regarding appraisals.